Sunday, January 31, 2010

San Diego - September 2009

We were able to go on a family trip back in September with our friends to San Diego, California. This was Kaesen's first time flying and I wasn't sure how he was going to be. But lucky us he slept the entire flight. Our first stop was the beach.

This was Harlan first time being to the beach and was loving every minute of it. Kaesen loved playing with Tucker and getting the sand and sea weed.

The second day we went to Sea World.

Kaesen looked watching the shows and seeing all the animals. Of course the kids had lots of treats and were actually good at all the shows.

The third day we went to the San Diego Zoo.

Tucker and Kaesen took a few naps during the day. They are so cute when they are sleeping.

The San Diego Zoo has so many animals and I think we actually saw almost everything there. Of course Kaesen loved the monkeys.

The fourth day we went all over San Diego and went back to Sea World to see all the night shows. It was so great to go on vacations and have friends go with us.

1st Birthday Pictures

Okay I am going to get caught up on blogging. So here are Kaesen's 1st birthday pictures. We were able to get some family pictures done too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Fun

We did alot of fun things this summer. We went to any different parties and get togethers. One of Kaesen's favorite words he would yell was Johna. One day we were at Olive Garden getting and talking about Johna then Kaesen started yelling at the top of his lungs Johna Johna.

At my aunt and uncles birthday party Kaesen loved to be with his great grandma and great grandpa. They sure do love him. Kaesen also enjoyed the cake dad and Uncle Marc was feeding him.

We bought a new tent to go to our family reunion. We set up the tent before hand in the backyard and actually tried to sleep in it but it was lighting. Kaesen loved playing in it.

Kaesen has so many toys and so funny when playing with them. We had a bookcase in the basement and had to get rid of it because Kaesen loved to open the doors and play in it. Also it was in the way of Kaesen playing space.

Also during the summer we would go to lunch with Johna and Grandma Hope. We would also visit Grandma Sue at work and she would give Kaesen rides around the store.

Kaesen one day wanted to swing so I put him in it and walked out of the room to get something and came back and he was sleeping.

Swimming Lessons- July 13, 2009

Me and Kaesen took the mom and me swimming lessons this summer. Kaesen loves the water and swimming. Kaesen was the youngest one in his class at 10 months old.

Kaesen has no fear of the water. He would put him whole head under the water all the time. He loves to float, kicks his legs, and jump off the side of the pool.

Kaesen's teacher was Jamie. She is very nice and fun to work with. We would sing songs that have to due with water. On the last day of class Kaesen received a card on what he did well at. His said going under water, kicking his legs, and blowing bubbles. Johna, Grandma Hope, and Grandma and Grandpa Bunker all came to one of Kaesen's swimming lessons to watch him. I am not a good swimmer but it looks him Kaesen is going to be.

Thanksgiving Point Farm--July 2009

Since Kaesen loves animals so much we decided to take Kaesen to the Thanksgiving Point Farm. He loved every minute of it. The baby cow was trying to eat Harlans shirt.

Kaesen loved the ducks and smelly pigs.

Horses and sheep

Kaesen was able to ride a horse while we were there. He liked it was first and just sat so good but it was going too slow and then he just wanted off.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snow Cones

When I was pregnant with Kaesen towards the end of the pregnancy I loved snow cones. My cousin Julie would being me one when her and the girls would get one or we would have to make a trip for a tigers blood snow cone. So we decided to see if Kaesen liked them too. Knowing Kaesen that he loves all foods he loved the snow cone even tigers blood.

American Fork Canyon- July 5, 2009

Harlan decided after church that we would take a ride up the canyon and take the dog along with us. There were so many people up the canyon Nala didn't have alot of places to play in the water. Kaesen loves the dog and goes crazy when Nala is around. The water was so cold but we had to test the waters and Kaesen liked it too.